Sewing Green by Betz White

51i9s3rehnl_sl500_aa240_Sewing by itself is pretty green, and when you add in using old sweaters, jeans and clothes you never wear, you end up making the statement that you do care about the wonderful earth in which we live.

Betz White, an author, designer, green crafter, and successful blogger, has this wonderful book, Sewing Green: 25 Projects Made With Repurposed & Organic Materials. Taking something old and repurposing it into something new is something most of us has heard about, but Betz White makes it look easy.

By its nature, do-it-yourself sewing is environmentally friendly. In Sewing Green, Betz White takes stitching to an even higher level of sustainability, presenting 25 projects made from “repurposed” thrift-store and back-of-the-closet finds and organic fabrics.

White’s whimsical yet practical designs include an apron constructed from men’s dress shirts (and a wallet from the shirts’ cuffs!), a soft blanket pieced from secondhand cashmere sweaters, and even a tote bag refashioned from used Tyvek envelopes.

White dispenses tips on everything from how to deconstruct old garments for reuse in new creations to how to wrap gifts with resusable fabric scraps instead of paper.

If you would like to visit Betz Whites blog click here. She also has written two other books; Warm Fuzzies: 30 Sweet Felted Projects and Felt So Good: Over 30 Irrestistibly Cute, Cosy and colorful Felted Projects.

3 Eco-Friendly Fashioin designers

While cruising through a magazine, I was looking at articles on clothing and kept reading about designers who were making strides to become more Eco-friendly or completely sustainable. These are 3 that stuck out to me:

lp_090420_21. Hessnatur – A German Eco-ethical clothing company. Their goal is to be 100% organic in everything they make. All of their pure cotton is 100% organic. The availability of the other luxurious, natural fibers they use in organic quality is still limited. 20-55% of their range in these fabrics is organic. However, everything they make is pure and natural. Made by people whose human rights are respected.

Hessnatur offers eco-friendly clothes for the whole family. Make a statement and change your tee and help change the world. A simple tee shirt can change the world.

2. Zoe & Zac – Created to democratize green fashion by making it affordable and accessible, and enabling more people to participate in sustainable living. Zoe & Zac products are made from Eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton and linen, natural hemp, jute, recycled rubber, and water-based glues. The packaging is Eco-smart too, with 100 percent recycled shoe boxes printed with soy-based inks.

Zoe & Zac have shoes for women and girls and the entire collection is under $30.

3. Bodkin – A collection designed in accordance with principles of sustainability in materials and production methods. Manufactured in New York City using organic cotton and organic wool and artisanal vegetable dyes along with innovative fibers such as recycled-PET nylon, cellulosic fibers, and kapok, Bodkin consists of understatedly classic yet forward-thinking pieces that reconcile style with utility and transparency, supporting and encouraging both traditional craft and environmentally beneficial technologies of the future.

Bodkin offers wonderfully sustainable clothing for women.

Organic Undies for the Whole Family

4ddda2cf91ea749f2c8eac420e64df5ee3045904_smallWho in their right mind wouldn’t want to wear organic cotton, of all the clothes you put on your body, under garments are the ones closest to you at all times. Organic cotton is extremely breathable unlike synthetics that pill, emit static electricity, prematurely age and trap perspiration.

For Women

Victoria’s Secret: Fair traded organic cotton grown by women-owned farming cooperatives in Burkina Faso. They have an Organic Thong Panty Set and an Organic Wireless Bra and Hiphugger.

Blue Canoe: 100% organic cotton in string bikini, high cut and full cut.

Gaiam: Organic cotton underwear and bra.

For Men

Cottonfield: Organically grown cotton apparel. Latex-free, 100% organic cotton classic briefs, boxer briefs, and sports briefs.

Red Dog Eco-sport: SKAL certified organic cotton, grown without chemicals or pesticides.

For Children

Under The Nile: Girls briefs, boys briefs and training pants,  in 100% organic Egyptian cotton.

Ecoland: Girl’s hipster and boy’s brief all natural, made from the highest quality 100% organic cotton.

For the Whole Family

Eco Body Wear: Womens and mens underwear, made from 90% organic and 10% spandex. Boys and girls briefs made from 100% organic Egyptian cotton.

For more information on good and bad panties along with a video,  check out More than pretty knickers.

Earth Day at Amazon

earth-day-savings_header_v249339087_April 22 is Earth Day, and what better day to save on Eco-Friendly, Green, Toxic-Free products. Amazon has a list of products from household furnishings, clothing, to gardening tools, where customers can save on organic groceries, home products, CFLs and more. So if you are looking to save some green on green products you will find everything you need at Earth Day Savings and the savings last all month long.

Learn how to  go Extreme Green, be Eco-Chic, and Ease into Green with help from Amazon’s Top 5 lists.

Amazon along with Energy Star will be hosting the Earth Day Sweepstakes. Five first-place winners will receive two ENERGY STAR-qualified powerhouses: a Toshiba laptop and a Brother multifunction printer. Fifteen second-place winners will receive the Brother printer. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Earth Day Sweepstakes by April 22, 2009. See Official Rules for details.

The Story Of Stuff

I came across an interesting video this past week upon recommendation by a professor of mine in a class I had recently. The title of the video is called “The Story of Stuff”. The Story of Stuff has some really interesting things to say about our consumer culture and the way in which our economy has structured itself around our incessant need to consume.

While I may not buy into all of the political jargon in the video, the video outlines some important and staggering truths about our culture and what it has become. It illuminates the linear structure by which our production and consumption is set up and the potential danger of that linear system within a finite planet.

Some of the staggering statistics illuminated in the video are:

Over 99% of the products that we buy are in the trash after six months of use

-Companies and industries often manufacture products to break easier and sooner, forcing us to buy more

-People are working more and more in our culture and have less leisure time, and the two things we most commonly spend our time doing in free time is watching TV and shopping

-The average American sees over 3,000 advertisements a day. We see more advertisements in one year than a person in the 1950s saw in their whole lifetime.

It is important to consider what we are buying and why we are buying it. Are we buying it because we think it will satisfy some sort of desire or happiness? What do we do with our products once we are done with them? Do we throw things away before we need to?

These are things that we here at GreenGlancy are trying to understand and to live out. Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Try Organic Beer this St. Patrick’s Day

If you haven’t noticed yet this blog is about everything green and what better day than today, the greenest day of the year, to suggest some very green, organic beer choices to you.

Peak Organic Beer -Offering you a Pale Ale, Nut Brown Ale, Amber Ale, Pomegranate Wheat Ale With Acai, Maple Oat Ale and Espresso Amber Ale. Making Beer using barley and hops that are grown without toxic and persistent pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Butte Creek Brewing – Offering Organic Porter, Organic India Pale Ale, Organic Pale Ale and Organic Pilsner.

Wolaver’s Certified Organic Ales – Offering you a choice of Pale Ale, India Pale Ale, Brown Ale, and Oatmeal Stout. Their craft ales are brewed using the finest organic malts, hops, our special house yeast, and pure Vermont water.

Stone Mill Brewing Co. – Offering Stone Mill Organic Pale Ale. Made with 100% organic barley malt, certified by the USDA for a classic taste that is the perfect balance of maltiness and hop bouquet.

Bison Brewing – Offering a plethora of Organic choices, Chocolate Stout, India Pale Ale, Belgian Ale, Red Ale, Farmhouse Saison, Winter Warmer, Barley Wine Ale, Honey Basil Ale, and Gingerbread Ale. They brew all Bison beers organically and are certified by the California Crop Improvement Association, Davis, CA.

Samuel Smith Organic Beers – Offers an Organic Lager, Organic Ale, and Organic Fruit Beers(Cherry, Raspberry & Strawberry). They also have an Organic Cider, that sounds wonderfully tasty.

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Pure Castile Classic Soap

I was at Target picking up some much needed beauty supplies when I came across Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Hemp Peppermint Pure-Castile Soap for the first time. I saw that it was organic and I was checking the label and it read; Enjoy only 2 cosmetics, enough sleep & Dr. Bronner’s ‘Magic Soap’ to clean body-mind-soul-spirit instantly uniting one! I found this intriguing, that one soap could be used for your whole body and decided I would give it a try. It was just a small sample size so what did I have to loose?

I am now onto my second bottle, I love the product so much. Its smells wonderful and it leaves you feeling clean. Even the price is reasonable. I actually found some sample sizes on sale. They have the Pure Castile soaps in 8 different varieties. I have tried the peppermint and Lavender, both equally brilliant.

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Pure Castile Classic Soaps are:

  • Certified Fair Trade
  • Made with Organic Oils
  • 100% Post Consumer Recycled Plastic Bottle
  • Not Animal Tested
  • Completely Biodegradable & Vegetable-based
  • Multi-Purpose: 18-in-1 Uses
  • No Synthetic Foaming Agents, Thickeners or Preservatives

For those of you who would like to know what “Castile” means, In earlier centuries, an all-vegetable based soap was made in the Castile region of Spain from local olive oil. By the turn of this century, “Castile” had come to mean any vegetable oil-based soap, versus animal (tallow) fat-based soap.

On Dr. Bronner’s homepage they are are offering a 15% off in the month of February on all Rose Liquid & Bar Soap, All Lotions, Lip and Body Balms. So what are you waiting for? Go out and buy yourself some fabulous Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap.

Certified Organic Gardening Seeds

Spring is just around the corner, can you see it? Probably not since its still very cold, but it is coming sooner than you think. Yesterday while taking a walk I saw a bunch of little flowers creeping up from the cold ground. As much as I love winter, I love spring probably a bit more, with all the new life and beautiful colors.

If you have thought about growing your own gorgeous flowers, bountiful veggies or any other wonderful living thing, than take a look at these websites for some great organic seeds.

Seeds of Change – They currently offer over 600 distinct varieties of 100% organically grown seeds for the home gardener and over 100 varieties in bulk quantities for the market grower. Many of our varieties represent decades, even centuries, of cultures from around the world who have saved their favorite, most flavorful and nutritious plants. Offering home gardeners and professional growers the highest quality seed varieties, combining superior agronomic traits with beauty, flavor and nutrition. The prices seem pretty fair.

Park Seed Co.The Park Seed Company has committed itself to offering only the highest-quality, untreated, non-genetically-modified seed. Today, we have also grown to be a trusted source for professionally grown Certified Organic seed. The production of these Certified Organic seeds is regulated by the National Standard for Organic Agriculture, a process that includes meticulous soil testing and the use of only organic approved fertilizers and pest control methods. They offer 50 Certified Organic seed varieties. Prices are very reasonable.

The Natural Gardening Company – They established the first certified organic nursery in the United States, and proudly offering a comprehensive selection of certified organic seeds and certified organic seedlings for vegetables, culinary herbs, and flowers. They have a great variety of seeds available and prices are great.

My hope is to compare these seeds and get back to you with the results of which ones are best. Stay Tuned!

Organic Perfumes – Why You Need to Switch

Do you know what your perfume consists of? Did you know that some of the chemicals in your perfume can cause cancer? Have you ever had an allergic reaction to any perfume, stuffy nose or skin break outs? It was a shock to me to find out how many chemicals and toxins are found in most perfumes. It wasn’t until after reading an article from Medical News Today; Chemical Sensitivities and Perfume, that I decided to do some research and find out what kinds of Organic Perfumes are out there.

Medical News Today – Fragrances are now used in almost every cleaning, laundry, and personal-care product on the market. Since people have been using perfumes for hundreds of years, it’s reasonable to wonder why the problem of using scents has surfaced only recently.

Until the 20th century, perfumes were made from natural ingredients derived directly from plants and animals, and as fragrances became cheaper and more widespread, they also became more synthetic.

The National Academy of Sciences reports that 95% of the chemicals used in fragrances today are synthetic compounds derived from petroleum, including known toxins capable of causing cancer, birth defects, central nervous system disorders and allergic reactions. Click to continue reading this article.

Here are some Organic Perfumes to try:

Rich Hippie – Made with organic and wild-crafted ingredients, peace, love and harmony. Rich Hippie perfume is made using the traditional methods employed by perfumers before World War II and the advent of the chemical industry. Prior to World War II, all fine perfume was 100% natural and chemical free. Rich Hippie perfume is made in very small batches with tremendous care, to bring you a product that is both safe for your health and safe for the environment.

Blend Organic Perfume OilsSome of the most pure and precious scents on earth endow our new organic perfume oils with depth, romance, and rich aroma. Organic and totally solvent-free natural scents. Using only steam distilled and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) extracted oils. No absolutes are used, meaning there is no residue from hexane or other solvents. We pledge that there are NO SYNTHETICS at all in these blends. Just plant extracted scents and pure jojoba and apricot kernal oils. In addition to being 100% natural our blends are over 80% organic. The majority of essential oils used in each recipe are certified organically grown, harvested, and processed. Purity in every perfume.

Malie Organic Therapy Perfume – 100% Organic and Wild Harvested Ingredients. The understated simplicity of the ingredients belies this perfumes ability to comfort and calm the mind – not to mention make you smell gorgeous. These organic perfumes are absolutely free of chemicals and alcohol, naturally capturing the aroma-therapeutic value of their exotic plant essences.

How to Save When Buying Organic

Some people complain that buying organic food is so much more expensive than the non-organic foods. I will be the first to admit that organic food is more expensive to begin with but after reading about the Chemical Food Additives(Chemical Food Additives – Are They Slowly Killing Our Children?) and what they can do to a child’s body, let alone your own body, I see the importance in Organic food.

Here are some ways to cut down on your organic food bill.


Organic Valley

Horizon Organic


Organic Granola Recipe

One of the best organic breakfast recipes for busy cooks is organic granola. You can make it ahead of time and store it for weeks.

Start with a base of four to five cups of organic oats (not the instant kind). You’ll need about half a cup of organic honey and half a cup of organic apple juice for sweetness and as a binder. You can use less if you like, or omit the honey if you are vegan.

Add half a cup of any or all of the following:

  • Bran flakes
  • Raisins
  • Coconut
  • Other dried fruit
  • Nuts such as almonds, walnuts, or a mixture

For things you might like a little less of in your granola, try a quarter cup instead:

  • Sunflower seeds
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Wheat germ

Mix all ingredients together and put in a thin layer on a cookie sheet. Preheat your oven to 325 degrees and cook for about 45 minutes, until the oats are golden brown. Allow to cool and break up to store.

Make friends at the supermarket.

I recently found that the store I frequent has an marked down organic frozen section away from all the other organic items. You wouldn’t know that unless someone pointed it out to you. Typically you will find some items marked down because they are close to date, make sure and ask when things get marked down.

Try Growing Your Own has a wonderfully set out site with links to help you on your way to growing your own organic vegetables for frugal sustainability.

These are just a few ways to help you get on your way to an organic healthy lifestyle. If you have more tips or great websites for helping people live organically, please share them in the comments below.