Sound Earth – All Natural, Cruetly Free, Products

SElogoSound Earth is a company that offers all natural, cruelty free household cleaning products along with baby products and scented sprays. Sound Earth believes in the “ripple effect”, What we do as individuals effects those around us and those around them and so on.

The great thing about their products is that they dont compromise on quality.

We manufacture environmentally friendly cleaning products with superior cleaning ability by carefully considering every aspect of production, including:

  • using our products in our homes before we sell them to you for use in yours.
  • refusing to engage in the abhorrent practice of animal testing in any stage of production.
  • packaging and shipping in easily recycled materials.

Sound Earth has been around since 2003 and still running strong. They donate 10% of their profits to organizations who share their philosophy and belief system.

To see all the products they offer click here.

Divide and Conquer – Cleaning after Christmas

522620_35507155An easy way to start your holiday clean up is to divide your holiday debris into three piles; reusables, recyclables and trash.

Reusables – Bows, ribbon, wrapping paper, boxes, gift bags, tissue paper, Christmas cards, all can be reused in its former state or repurposed into an ornament or new Christmas card. There are so many possibilities.

Recyclables – Wrapping paper, gift bags, Christmas cards and boxes that are ripped or crumpled can be recycled with your regular household recyclables. You dont have to remove the tape from the paper either. Cardboard boxes, styrofoam, tins are all recyclable. Also your holiday food scraps can be put in a composter for your garden.

Trash -Ribbons, bows and tissue paper, if not reusable, go into the trash bin. Foil wrapping paper, cardboard contaminated with food, paint or glitter, plastic toys all go in the trash bin.

Green Christmas Gifts for the Chef on your List

1118565_94066269If you have a chef in your family, someone who loves food and loves to cook, check out the list below of 6 wonderful, green, Eco-friendly Christmas gifts for the food lover in your life.

  1. Duo Pressure Cooker from Fagor – This contemporary update on the classic pressure cooker recycles stainless steel in streamlined modern design with high-functioning performance.
  2. The Organic Wine Company Monthly Wine ClubEach month, they will send you a selection of 3 wines from our collection. New vintages or interesting, but rare wines will be offered in priority to expand your horizons!
  3. Cast Iron Skillet from Lodge LogicIts legendary cooking performance keeps it on the list of kitchen essentials for great chefs and home kitchens alike. And check out their Eco-responsibility practices.
  4. Organic Spice Collection – Each spice can contains 12 one-teaspoon packets. These flavorful organic herbs complement the global cuisines of today’s kitchen. Includes, Basil, Dill Weed, Oregano, Rosemary, Tarragon and Thyme.
  5. Green Your Kitchen – Includes everything you need to green your kitchen and replace those non green items that you have been keeping around.
  6. Bamboo Salad Bowls – 100% organically-grown bamboo, non-toxic adhesive, natural food-safe wood oil. These bowls are made from vertical-grain bamboo, which makes them not only beautiful, but also extremely durable. They do not impart or absorb flavors.

Eco-Friendly Paint

693779_75065407Are you getting ready to paint your house? Inside or out, its important to use paint that is easy on the environment and on the family living in the house, that breaths in the fumes. Green Living Ideas has an article on the potential hazards of paints and what to look for in paint.  Here are a few companies to look at when you are ready to paint.

Devine Color – Interior Paint that goes on like yogurt. Low odor, low VOC, Eco-friendly, luxury paint and sheens. All of Devine Colors paints meet or exceed the strictest requirements of the South Coast Air Quality Management District. They offer a full range of colors to meet all your painting needs.

The Real Milk Paint Co. – Milk paint is an environmentally friendly paint that is ideal for antique furniture, decks, floors and walls. You can mix milk paint with pigment powders to create just about any color. Real Milk Paint is completely safe, eco-friendly, non-toxic, lead free and not radioactive.

Benjamin Moore Paints, Aura Interior – Environmentally friendly coatings not only meet, but often exceed the strictest industry standards, while also delivering the premium levels of performance you expect from Benjamin Moore.

Olympic Premium Interior Paints – Combining an outstanding quality zero VOC formula that is better for the environment and dries with no lingering odor. Have a green home in any color you want.

Green Laundry Detergent

prod_laundry-concentrate_100oz-wfbc_260x282Seventh Generation – All Natural laundry care, tough on stains, gentle on clothes and the environment. With 4 types to choose from: Delicate care laundry detergent, Baby laundry  detergent, Natural powdered laundry and Natural 2X concentrated laundry liquid.

Method 3X Concentrate Liquid Laundry Detergent – Loaded with eco-friendly features such as non-toxic solvents, natural enzymes stain removers and biodegradable ingredients.

The Laundress’ Delicate Wash – With many detergents to choose from and all are non-toxic, biodegradable and allergen free.

Ecos Detergent – Choose from Lemongrass, Magnolia & Lilies, or Lavender. ECOS is a concentrated liquid laundry detergent that provides better price performance than the competition. It cleans a full laundry load with only 1.5 ounces.

Dropps Fresh Scent & Dye Free Liquid Laundry Pacs – Smaller footprint, one jug of detergent = 292 empty pouches, no waste, and super concentrated.

Caldrea Laundry Detergent – Earth-friendly laundry products that help keep your clothing and linens as fresh and fragrant as the rest of your home. No harsh chemicals and not tested on animals.

Biokleen Safe Home Cleaning Supply Company


One of the nation’s first natural cleaning supply companies, Biokleen is celebrating its 20th anniversary during Earth Month in April and throughout 2009 by contributing a total of $35,000 to environmental and youth athletic sponsorships in 9 U.S. states ranging from Oregon to Massachusetts.

Biokleen products can replace most mainstream cleaners in your home, eliminating the risk to your families health, and our environment. Biokleen products are just as effective and affordable as conventional cleaners, leaving you no reason not to switch.

You can feel safe about using biokleen to clean your septic systems because all Biokleen products are free of chlorine, optical brighteners, phosphates and SLS/SLES ingredients.

Also Biokleen is gluten-free, dairy-free and does not contain any nut-based ingredients, giving you peace of mind when using it around the house around people who may have allergies to these items.

They have a variety of products for the home. Kitchen cleaners, laundry cleaners, all-purpose cleaners and soyblends. Making it easy for you to buy the needed products for the specific jobs around your house. Biokleen products are super concentrated too, leaving the smallest footprint on the environment.

Keep making green choices and check out Biokleen the next time you are at the grocery store. If you need help finding a store that carries Biokleens products check out their website.

Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic, Safe Baby Rattles

la_hippoSo many friends of mine are expecting and I have been looking at baby toys, seeing whats available. My kids are way past that baby stage so I am not familiar with what is out there. Its crazy to think about all that we ingested when we were kids from the lead-filled painted toys to the toxin leeching toys. Last night I was at a store in Portland and saw some interesting baby rattles that are eco-friendly and non-toxic. Ones that you would love to give and feel good about giving.

Natural Wood Rattle – Wood beads spin and rattle around crescent-shaped handle to entertain baby. Sustainable 100% rubber Wood. Free of toxins with no dyes or stains.

Harper the Hippo Maple Wood Infant Baby Teether Rattle – Handmade from OHIO Maple and finished with Whole Foods certified organic flax seed oil.

Organic Cotton Knitted Bear Teether/Rattle – Safe, Non-toxic and Organic.

Baby Teething Ruing Doll – The perfect safe and non toxic toy. Our doll’s body is made of natural organic cotton, the hat is made from color grown organic cotton, it’s sweet little head is filled with natural wool and the ring is made of natural, untreated wood that has been finished with a water based lacquer. Easy to hold and safe to chew on. A healthy toy parents can feel really good about.

Cherry Rattle by Camden Rose – Beautifully-designed with smooth and gentle contours, all natural and proudly made in the U.S.A. using organized sustainability programs. It is hand polished with beeswax and is non toxic. Since wood is a natural anti-bacterial material, it is ideal and safe for teething to soothe tender gums.

Organic Cotton Teething Twisty Pals – 100% Organic Cotton – unbleached, undyed, not chemically processed.  100% worry free.  Easily washed and dried along with baby’s laundry. The twisted cotton can be slipped over baby’s wrist.

Are Melamine Dishes Safe to Use?

med_melamine_dishes_colLast night I was talking with my friend Kari from Twin Mama Loves, and she was asking me about Melamine and if I knew if it was safe to eat off of or not. And sadly I didn’t and I figured this is important stuff, I should know this. She has some melamine dishes and wasnt sure if she should use them being concerned about what toxins could be in them. I started looking around and here is some of what I found.

From Sarah’s Cucina Bella post back in May of 2007, she writes;

But after weeks of coverage of the tainted pet food that has killed countless pets from kidney failure, it’s come to light that the chemical pesticide that harmed the animals was melamine – the same chemical that is in the melamine resin that my son’s plates are made of. It’s bad enough that the harmful chemical has made it’s way into our food supply.

What I am understanding is that if ingested, melamine is not safe, but to simply eat off the plates isn’t bad unless they are heated to significant discoloration. The “scare” with melamine is based on the use of melamine powder as a protein source in food additives. It makes stuff “look” as if it has more food value to chemical tests for content, and, because product was analyzed in this way, it sneaked into the food chain – pet food in particular. Hence the problem with animals getting sick and dying.

So I am not sure I am on board with the using of Melamine dishes, I think they are very collectable and so people are afraid to maybe say that they aren’t good to be eating off of, especially if you don’t know the people that used them, not knowing if they used the microwave a lot.

Make Your Own Cleaning Products

Woman vacuuming rug.

Making your own cleaning products is easier than it sounds. When you look at the prices on the organic cleaning products its enough to send you into shock. So the best way to get what you want and not have to pay those high prices is to make your own. The advantage to making your own is that you know the ingredients you are adding.

Common household items to use:

  • Lemon
  • Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Cornstarch
  • Borax
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Soap

Lemons work great for dissolving soap scum, hard water spots, cleaning brass and copper, freshening up the garbage disposal drain, and bleaching white linens.

Vinegar is used as a natural disinfectant, deodorizer, and great all purpose cleaner.

Baking soda is great as an abrasive cleaner, excellent for dissolving dirt, mildew and grease, and is a natural deodorizer.

Borax works well as a deodorizer, all purpose cleaner and disinfectant.

Cornstarch can be used to clean windows, polish furniture, shampoo carpets and rugs.

Here are a few sites with cleaning product recipes –

Pioneer Thinking

Earth Notes

Eco Cycle

Green Cosmetics by Tarte


Tarte Cosmetics, started in 1999 by Maureen Kelly, is the leader in earth engineered™ beauty offering the widest selection of natural cosmetics full of skinvigorating™ ingredients including our proprietary t5 super fruit complex™ (a blend of the five most active, free-radical fighting super fruits), vitamins, minerals and natural fruit and plant extracts. But it’s not just about what’s in our healthy formulas; it’s what’s not in them that really sets us apart! We are 100% free of parabens, petro-chemicals, phthalates, sulfates and synthetic fragrances, just to name a few.

They offer a plethora of wonderful green items. And their cosmetics are loved and have been used by many of Hollywoods top Actresses and Models.

New for the Fall of 2009: Dark circle defense natural under eye corrector and brush, Femme Fatale refillable natural eye palette, Green siren natural cheek stain, and Lifted natural eye primer with Firmitol.

One of the best parts of Tartes company practices is that they give back. “every year a chunk of land equivalent to the average-size U.S. state disappears, affecting an estimated 1 million of the world’s 5 million species of plants and animals”. Sambazon, the global leader in acai, started the Sustainable Amazon Partnership (SAP) as part of their market-driven conservation business model in the Amazon Rainforest. With the purchase of every tarte product that has their new t5 super fruit complex™, customers will be helping to preserve the Amazon Rainforest through forest conservation, improved living conditions and educational opportunities for communities in Brazil. What could be better than that? Next time you are on the look out for new makeup, check out Tarte and be a part of rainforest conservation.