Some of the Best Organic Beer in the Heart of Cascadia

Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Northern California, often referred to as Cascadia, lead the continent in the number of organic breweries, with nearly half of Oregon’s 80 breweries having produced an organic beer since the first Organic Brewers Symposium in 2002.

Do organic ingredients create a better beer? Some brewers believe the answer is yes, claiming that organic malts and hops have no chemical residues to interfere with the fermentation process.

The guidelines for organic beer are the same as for all organic foods: The ingredients must be grown without toxic and persistent pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and in soil that has been free from such chemicals for at least 3 years. No genetically modified (GMO) ingredients can be used in the brewing process. Studies show that organic farming reduces erosion and ground-water pollution and that it significantly reduces the impact on wildlife.

Hair of the Dog Brewing Company – NAOBF(North American Organic Brewers Festival) Peoples Choice Award 2008. In summer 2007 Alan switched the base malt for all HOTD Beers to Organic Pilsner malt. This has provided improved flavor and color in the Beers. Offering Ruth, Adam, Rose, Fred, and Doggie Claws.

Roots Organic Brewing Company – Oregon’s first all organic brewery. Offering Burghead Heather Ale, made in the form of Mead(fermented Honey) making it a very interesting ale. The Island Red, a full bodied beer with nice bread and nut flavors.  The eXXXcalibur Imperial Stout has wonderful chocolate and coffee notes and a smooth, hearty, complex body. They also have Roots Pale Ale, and Woody I.P.A.

Deschutes Brewery – Offering Green Lakes Organic Ale, a mellow malt profile intertwined with subtly surprising hop flavors.

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