Charmone Vegan Shoes

cezagaCharmone shoes came about when a vegan friend mentioned that all vegan shoes were either ugly or poorly made and often times both. Which got them thinking about how to make vegan shoes and still be kind to the environment.

So the question is asked “How can you use synthetic materials and still call it eco-friendly?” Their answer “Well, believe it or not, the process of creating microfiber is less polluting to the environment than the process of tanning, factory farming and processing leather. In addition, the materials are free from harmful PVCs, using instead a light polyurethane coating which is gentler on the environment. We also incorporate sustainable practices throughout the production process, from using last boards made from 70% pre-consumer waste to using recycled materials in our boxes, business cards and other printed materials.”

monraAnother great attribute that Charmone wants you to know about their company is that their shoes are made sweatshop free in Italy and Brazil, ensuring you enjoy quality craftsmanship without contributing to harsh working conditions.

Now these shoes are not at all on the cheap side but they are very pretty and have styles that you wont find anywhere else.

Help Save Planet Earth Starting with Uranus

Uranus, foundesetofthree_cutoutd by two college students, is a new eco-friendly company that has just launched its line of soy underwear for women.

Soy fabric is eco-friendly and sustainable because of the way it is made. Soy fabric is manufactured from the by-products of soy food products, like tofu and soybean oil. Since the process uses materials that would otherwise be waste, it is considered to “close the loop” on soy. Not to mention the fact that its luxuriously soft and comfortable, often compared to silk or cashmere and more durable and longer lasting than cotton.

The Boyshorts(or Soyshorts as they call them) are sold in sets of three: One pair natural beige, one pair black and one pair moss green. The soyshorts are colored with 100% natural vegetable dye and packaged in burlap drawstring sacks that are 100% biodegradable. Check out Uranus Apparel.

100% Bamboo Bed, Bath and Clothing

1104865_95485412While making my way through the 2nd annual Keizer River Fair I came across a booth with all natural Bamboo clothing. It feels amazingly soft, which surprised me. I have never bought anything bamboo but I am thinking that will change. They even make the claim that bamboo is softer than cashmere, silk and Egyptian fabrics.

If you don’t know much about bamboo here are some quick facts for you – Bamboo is arguably one of the world’s best sustainable resources. With a growth rate of up to a meter or more per day, bamboo holds the world record as the fastest growing plant. And, bamboo is actually not a wood but a grass, continuously sending up new shoots after harvesting without a need for replanting. Bamboo can be utilized in just 4-5 years unlike traditional hardwoods that not only take 25-70 years to mature, but also require replanting. From

100% Bamboo Clothing

Bamboo Clothes – Women’s 100% Bamboo Fiber Crew Neck, Women’s 100% Scoop Neck Print, and they even have Hand Knitting Yarn.

Green Earth Bamboo – 100% Bamboo Sheets, and Organic Bamboo Woven Baby Blanket.

Under The Sun – The Waterfall T-Shirt, Horizon Long Sleeve, Velocity Tank Top, Cobra Long Sleeve and more. Everything on their site is 100% bamboo.

Baby Bambu – Bamboo Infant Pants, Bamboo Baby Sleeping Gown, and Short Sleeve Bamboo Kimono Onesie.

Eco Choices Eco Bathroom – 100% Real Bamboo Towels

Some other great facts about bamboo;

  • Chemical Free
  • 3-4 times cooler than cotton
  • Has all natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties
  • Produces up to 35% more oxygen than hardwood trees

If you like cashmere or silk, try bamboo. Who knows you may find that you like it better and doesn’t it feel good to be part of something that is good for the environment?

Be Green and Swap


Swaps have become very popular these days. And not only are they only swapping clothing these days, they are even swapping seeds, childrens toys/books, baby gear and all sorts of items, you just have to be on the look-out for swaps in your area.

Why should you swap? Swapping not only helps clear the unwanted clutter in your closets while saving a pretty penny but it also saves these items from being tossed into the landfills and helps stop textile waste, which in turn causes pollution. Some contend that household waste makes up 4.5% of residential waste, or 8.75 billion pounds per year.

But not only is it good for the environment but its also a fun way to get new items. Hosting your own swap or going to an organized swap are both great ways to meet new people or enjoy a night with friends.

It is no surprise that Portland, the greenest city in the states, has people of all ages and backgrounds throughout all parts of the city embracing goods exchanges(swaps) as a regular social practice. Here are two Portland area swaps:

  • Sunnyside Swap Shop Co-op – The Swap Shop provides an inviting place for children to play in the Sunnyside neighborhood, a year-round place for member families to exchange useful goods (clothing, toys, books, art supplies, baby equipment, etc.) and a place for parents to network with and support each other.
  • PDX Swap – A group of women folks (it’s not just women anymore!) in the Portland Metro area who get together on a regular basis for a clothing swap! As far as we know, PDXSwap is the only regular, local clothing swap in the Portland Metro area!

For swapping help check out these sites –

Baby Bean Vintage Daywear

home-taglineBaby Bean vintage daywear, one-of-a-kind, cool, girly clothing made with 100% vintage fabrics is based in Dallas, Texas, and was created in 2004 by Christine Visneau. Christine studied Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology and is inspired daily by her two little girls.

Each collection is crafted from and inspired by vintage fabrics. Each garment is handmade and truly one-of-a-kind. Our silhouettes are simple and modern, and the rich vintage textiles give each garments a timeless and classic feel.


Their new 2009 spring and summer collection is now available. They have clothes for little girls ranging in sizes 6 months to 6 years. Each item is made by hand and no two are alike. You also have the option to choose your own fabric from the swatches they have available. Each cute little outfit is made so brilliantly and feminine, perfect for your little angel. Great attention to detail and use of contrasting fabrics. You are bound to love whatever you buy from Baby Bean.

You can visit the Baby Bean website, Baby Bean Etsy Shop, where she offers a a lot of the same items from the website but also has some other items; or you can check out the Baby Bean Vintage Studio blog where she keeps you informed on some of the new styles she is making.

Sewing Green by Betz White

51i9s3rehnl_sl500_aa240_Sewing by itself is pretty green, and when you add in using old sweaters, jeans and clothes you never wear, you end up making the statement that you do care about the wonderful earth in which we live.

Betz White, an author, designer, green crafter, and successful blogger, has this wonderful book, Sewing Green: 25 Projects Made With Repurposed & Organic Materials. Taking something old and repurposing it into something new is something most of us has heard about, but Betz White makes it look easy.

By its nature, do-it-yourself sewing is environmentally friendly. In Sewing Green, Betz White takes stitching to an even higher level of sustainability, presenting 25 projects made from “repurposed” thrift-store and back-of-the-closet finds and organic fabrics.

White’s whimsical yet practical designs include an apron constructed from men’s dress shirts (and a wallet from the shirts’ cuffs!), a soft blanket pieced from secondhand cashmere sweaters, and even a tote bag refashioned from used Tyvek envelopes.

White dispenses tips on everything from how to deconstruct old garments for reuse in new creations to how to wrap gifts with resusable fabric scraps instead of paper.

If you would like to visit Betz Whites blog click here. She also has written two other books; Warm Fuzzies: 30 Sweet Felted Projects and Felt So Good: Over 30 Irrestistibly Cute, Cosy and colorful Felted Projects.

Shop the Tanger Outlets & Celebrate Earth Day

cardsApril 20 through May 10 shop the Tanger Outlets and help them celebrate Earth Day and the environment in style. Aside from the discounts and special offers, Tanger Outlets will be offering reusable shopping bags and environmentally friendly gift card packaging.

Banana Republic is offering that in 2009 every time you use their organic cotton blend reusable shopping bag you will receive 10% off your entire purchase. Reusable shopping bags are a great alternative to plastic bags. The environmental impact of plastic bags has become such a problem that some countries are heavily taxing their use or banning them completely.

At the Tanger Outlet in Deer Park, New York, the first 500 shoppers that visit Tanger Shopper Services located near the Piazza on April 25 will receive a free tree sapling to plant at home and help the environment.

The Tanger Outlet in Tilton, New Hampshire, help celebrate Tanger Outlet Center’s Greener World festivities on Saturday, April 25th from 10am-2pm.  They will host a ‘green’ celebration that will include displays and demonstrations by various environmental groups and ‘green’ businesses, along with giveaways and entertainment.

At the Tanger Outlet in Locust Grove, Georgia, step back into the 50’s and help Tanger kick off our first Car Show event by celebrating the Earth and the environment! Hosted by Tanger Outlet Center and Denny’s Diner, the Car Show will take place 5 PM -9 PM on Saturday April 18th. Visitors and participants will have the chance to receive a free Eco-friendly bag, re-usable for shopping and enter for a chance to win an electric energy saving car!

Check out the Tanger Outlet near you for all the discounts and specials they will be offering. Some are having huge Saturday sales with tips and demonstrations on how to live greener and save energy.

Eco-Friendly Rain Gear for the Whole Family

Spring is 2 days away and the rain is already pouring. What better way to protect yourself and your family from the weather than with eco-friendly, recycled rain gear. Below I have listed some of the best eco-friendly rain gear.

MenRei has a Sierra Designs Cyclone Eco Rain Jacket with 2.5-layer Drizone™ Green fabric that is composed of a textured, double-ripstop recycled polyester face over a solvent-free waterproof, breathable laminate

WomenPatagonia offers a Women’s Eco Rain Shell Jacket that’s breathable and waterproof and made entirely from recycled polyester. This jacket won the Outside Green Gear of the Year award in 2007.

ChildrenPatagonia has a Kids Rain Shadow Jacket that is Fully recycled superlight storm-level protection that’s waterproof, breathable, compressible and 100% recyclable. Choice of 4 different fun colors.

Man’s Best FriendWest Paw Design has eco-friendly rain gear for your dog. Made with 100% recycled polyester fabric that is also recyclable again after providing years of comfort and protection to your dog on all those wet, misty Spring days. This product never needs to be thrown away – EVER! Innovative design allows this jacket to be recycled again, and again, and again.

RainbootsKamik offers recyclable rainboots for women and children in an assortment of colors and designs.

UmbrellasEco ‘brella Auro Open Auto Close Folding Umbrella made of 70% recycled materials. The Eco ‘brella canopy is made of 100% recycled PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate) bottles. The Eco ‘brella frame is made of 70% recycled aluminum.

Batucada Jewelry – Eco-friendly, Organic Designs from France

Batucada, an innovative line of Jewelry based in Paris, is made with eco-plastic, a unique formula only using eco friendly certified components. The eco-plastic design is made to adapt to the contours of your body, and perfect for any occasion, from the gym to a night out on the town. Its water resistant, sweat proof, seawater resistant and flexible. Sold only in Europe, Asia and America at the present time.

BATUCADA is a whole new generation of jewelry with a tattoo like appearance, transformable as necklaces can morph into bracelets or vice versa, and available in a dazzling array of shapes and colours. Three styles are offered in coordinated necklace and bracelet.

You can use a bracelet as an anklet or all bracelets can be worn as chokers by combining two bracelets. You can also join more bracelets to create a belt or a huge tattoo. All Batucada Jewelry is washable with mild soap and water. And the best part is the price, they are very reasonable. A great gift to give or receive.

Linda Loudermilk – Water As a Human Right

Linda Loudermilk, the first designer to create a luxury+Eco lifestyle brand, discovered a world of design that can be blended with eco-responsibility in an exciting way. With groundbreaking passion, Loudermilk began researching products that are sustainable, by meeting with and learning from scientists and seeking out companies that create fibers without pesticides or other toxic processes. She developed relationships with manufacturers that do not poison the water supply as they have a consciousness about their effect on the earth.

Loudermilk has recently come out with a Water As A Human Right Collection. Now you can wear Tanks, Tees, scarves or a Necklace to serve as a reminder of the Millions around the world that do not have clean water. Made from recycled and renewable resources.

Water, like air, is essential to sustain life and maintain basic human dignity. Did you know:

  • In 2004 worldwide, 2.2 million deaths were attributed to unsafe water – nine out of ten of these deaths were children under the age of five.
  • One of the largest public health issues of our time is lack of clean water.

With your purchase of any Linda Loudermilk Water is a Human Right products, a generous donation will be made to the YEW Foundation to support organizations with clean water initiatives.