The Best All-Natural Sunscreens

847571_26770997Did you know that most of the sunscreen you buy at the store are filled with potentially harmful chemicals that can leach into your skin and cause long last effects when used over time? This is a bad thing for any person but when you think about putting this sunscreen on babies and toddlers who tend to put their hands and feet in their mouth, we are essentially letting them lick the sunscreen. So not only is it leaching through their skin, they are ingesting it too.

The best way to protect your family from the sun and from harmful chemicals is to pick an all natural sun screen to use. Below are a few suggestions to help you find the best sunscreen for your needs.

Soleo Organics All Natural Sunscreen – Naturopathically based, using only all-natural and organic ingredients.

erbaviva – Completely natural sunscreen for children and adults. SPF 15. Lightly scented with organic lavender and chamomile essential oils.

Badger All-Natural Sunscreen – Highly rated for safety and effectiveness by the Environmental Working Group.

Aubrey Organics Natural Sun – Perfect for children and adults with sun-sensitive skin. With seven different kinds to choose from.

Marie Veronique Organics Creme Du Jour –  For sunscreen AND anti aging, their sunscreen formulas are non-comedogenic and are recommended for all skin types.

Purple Prairie Sun Stick – 100% Natural, biodegradable and environmentally safe.

Lavera Sun Block – Fragrance-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. Certified all natural and contains organic ingredients.

California Baby Sunscreen – Unfragranced, PABA-free, non-chemical, perfect for any baby or child with skin sensitivities or fragrance allergies.

How To Make ‘eating at home’ A Sustainable Resolution

In my colleagues recent post, 8 Green New Years Resolutions, the number one resolution is to “Eat at home more often. Time spent with family is time well spent. Sitting around the table discussing the days events and enjoying some great organic, local food is better than any restaurant can offer.”

I enjoyed this post and these resolutions and have to say that eating at home is a new resolution that my wife and I have also made. We ate out way too much in the months leading up to January and are paying for it with extra time at the gym. But January give all of us a chance to turn over new leafs and try new resolutions. But often so many resolutions last only a few weeks or even just a few days. How do you make resolutions sustainable so that long-term changes are made? Are there special tricks or tips to keeping these things a part of your everyday life?

Unfortunately, there’s no magic potion and easy fix to creating a new habit. We ARE creatures of habit and creating new ones is difficult for us humans. But there ARE also some ways that we can attempt to make new changes and keep resolutions going. Here are some suggestions for making eating at home a resolution that will last.

1. Develop a menu: Sit down with the family and plan out an eating schedule of different meals they like, as well as ones they would like to try. This gives you a list to work with when shopping as well and a chance to examine the list of meals to make sure you are making healthy, organic choices.

2. Set a regular meal time and eat together as a family: Having a time during the day to stop all the madness of everyone’s schedule and have a meal together is important for family unity and growth. It also helps make sure that kids are eating healthy for their meals and eating on a regular schedule.

3. Keep Snacks At A Minimum: Limit the amount of snacks available (for you and your kids) around the house throughout the day so that you and your family are looking forward to eating together during meal times, rather than being full from all of the snacks.

These tips can help you make this resolution more sustainable and develop healthy eating and family habits. Let us know what else you are doing to make eating at home at new habit.