10 Green Christmas Gifts Ideas for the Cook

1. Green PanGreenPan™ brings you the latest development in non-stick cookware, a completely PTFE-free product. Thermolon™, a non-stick-coatings on high quality cookware. GreenPan™ cookware combines all features of conventional PTFE-based non-stick cookware but with a safeguard for your health and the environment.

2. The Sustainable Kitchen CookbookA cookbook with a conscience! featuring a delicious combination of culinary excellence and responsible seasonal cooking. The Sustainable Kitchen Cookbook – Passionate Cooking Inspired by Farms, Forests and Ocean.

3. Seed Savers Exchange – Give some heirloom seeds! Since 1975, Seed Savers Exchange members have passed on approximately one million samples of rare garden seeds to other gardeners. We are a non-profit organization of gardeners dedicated to saving and sharing heirloom seeds.

4. Reclaimed Mahogany Spice Dish – Made from mahogany from a window manufacturer that disposes of hundreds of pounds of wood each year.

5. Bamboo Sald Servers – Uniquely designed with “eat green” printed on spoon handle, these salad servers are made of 100% sustainable bamboo, making them lightweight and Eco-friendly.

6. Recycled Chopsticks Folding Basket – Made entirely of recycled, single-use wooden chopsticks from restaurants (they’ve been sanitized at extremely high temperature and pressure and then dyed with tea), it’s perfect for holding fruit, napkins, bread, mail or anything else for that matter.

7. On-the-Go Bamboo Utensil Set – This chic, lightweight set can be used instead of disposable plastic utensils, which account for a significant amount of landfill waste. The set includes a bamboo knife, fork, spoon and chopsticks, all in a fabric snap-close case made from a unique recycled plastic material made from discarded plastic bags and newspaper.

8. BioBag MaxAir II Composting Bucket – The Max Air buckets are attractive for counter top placement and are also hinged if you wish to hang the bucket inside the door of your kitchen sink. The companion Bio Bags waste bags breathe naturally, allowing heat and moisture to escape or evaporate. This process allows food waste to dry, thus reducing the rate of bacterial build-up which causes odor.

9. igourmet Basket of Organic Delights – This basket is the perfect gift for a dedicated organic eater. Includes Organic Gouda, Organic Camembert, Australian Water Wheels, Organic Spanish Arbequina Olives, Duchy Originals, Jim’s Organic Peruvian Coffee, and Numi Green African Bush Green Rooibos Herbal Teasan.

10. Recycled, Designer and Premium Organic Shopping Bags – You’ll find that the Organic Bag Lady has a collection of custom bags that you will love to use to meet your everyday shopping needs.Our cute reusable bags also make great gifts!

10 Green Christmas Gift Ideas for the Home

1. Healthy Household Gift Set – Introduce Eco-products to a friend with this generously sized gift set. The Healthy Household Gift Set includes a canvas shopping bag, a roll of natural brown paper towels, one bottle of liquid laundry detergent (50 oz.) and a bottle of original dish washing liquid (28 oz.). No need for gift wrap, this is ready to be presented just the way it is!

2. Dirt Candles – Their GMO-free soy wax is made with organic soy cultivated in the USA, along with essential oils, botanical ingredients, and all-natural cotton wicks. They use recycled packaging printed with soy inks and labels made from corn. Their candles are made with the highest care to your health and our environment.

3. Magazine PlacematsHandmade in Brazil from recycled magazines, the mats are made from 100% post-consumer paper.

4. Recycled Sunrise Rug – Made from recycled plastic, easy to clean and strong enough to withstand kitchen or garden foot traffic.

5. Flip Flop MatThe flip flop mat can be used as an outside door mat, as an anti-fatigue mat for standing at the sink or work bench, or anti-slip mat in the bathroom. The flip flop mat is manufactured in the Philippines from the material remnants of flip flop shoe manufacturing.  Fair Trade and Recycled.

6. Recycled Bottle Coat RackThis fresh and innovative coat rack features the top portions of wine bottles rescued before they went to the landfill. Elegant and interesting, these different colored bottle necks affixed to glass will look stunning hanging on your walls. Personalize your reclaimed wine bottle coat rack by putting your own memorable corks in the bottles.

7. Hybrid Wall Clock – Made from a recycled bicycle sprocket and recycled computer hard drive. A great gift for computer or bike lovers, or both!

8. Organic Cotton Fiber Towels – Woven in Portugal from 100% organic cotton fibers, these towels are ultra-soft, dense and thirsty. Their 650-gram weight makes them plush yet fast-drying, so they’re as energy-saving as they are earth-friendly.

9. Kitchen Compost Crock – Stash scraps for the compost pile in an attractive counter top kitchen composting crock. The Kitchen Compost Crock has a fully glazed interior that won’t stain or absorb odor and holds up to one gallon of kitchen scraps. An activated carbon filter in the lid prevents odors. With a removable stainless steel handle. Dishwasher safe. Includes one filter.

10. Driftwood Table Lamp – Skilled artisans build this eco-friendly lamp by hand. Pieces of fast-growing, sustainable vine are hand selected from the jungle in Northern Thailand. The vines are then kiln-dried to remove moisture before they’re crafted into a unique organic sculpture.

10 Green Christmas Gift Ideas for Grade Schoolers

1. Spaceframe Builders Kit – Named one of the 25 “Best Products of the Year”. The Spaceframe modular system allows endless possibilities for expression. It is made of a unique polyester material that is completely safe for children, and 100% recyclable.

2. H-Racer Fuel Cell Car – A solar-powered “refinery” converts tap water to hydrogen. Fill your car’s tank as blue LEDs flash, and then watch as its advanced miniature fuel cell uses this element to send it zooming across the floor. There will be no emissions, just plenty of fascinating fun.

3. Solar Worm – Construct a motorised DIY project using power from a solar cell. Solar Worm is wood with battery backup for use when not in the sun.

4. Earthwise Kids Books – These award winning, easy to read, eco-friendly books provide entertaining stories with helpful suggestions on how to preserve this wonderful world we live in. Made with recycled paper and soy based inks.

5. “Green” Cookware and Dining Set – A fun way to make environmental awareness as interesting and as much a part of life as cooking. All 27 pieces are made from milk jugs recycled into one of the safest, sturdiest, most nontoxic materials around.

6. Planet Pixies – The Planet Pixies are Eco-friendly soft dolls—crafted from certified organic cotton and natural materials, with packaging made of 100 percent post-consumer recycled cardboard—that aim to guide kids towards eco-conscious decision making.

7. Discovery Paper Recycling Studio – Recycle your own paper at home – and teach your kids an easy way to go green!

8. Bamboo Collection Pisa Game – Try to build up 4 levels without toppling the tower. Child-safe, water based stains. Made of Eco-friendly bamboo that was preserved to keep its economical and ecological values to the world.

9. Earth-Opoly Monopoly Board Game – Entertain your family and friends while learning fun facts about nature and the environment with the Earth-Opoloy Monopoly Board Game!

10. City Deluxe Road System by Plan Toys – This Deluxe Road System includes 28 pieces of track with bridge, railway systems, plus two cars, two street lights and four trees. Crafted of recycled rubberwood.

10 Green Christmas Gift Ideas For Infants & Toddlers

1. Idbids – Iddy Biddy Steps For a Greener World. Join Scout, Lola and Waverly and help your children learn more about environmental sustainability. All the toys are made from either recycled or sustainable organic products.

2. Organic Egyptian Cotton Veggies with Crate – Encouraging children to develop a positive attitude towards vegetables. For sure to become your child’s favorite! Includes: a carrot, mushroom, green bean and tomato.

3. Mobile Home Dollhouse – Mobile Home is for boys and girls. A little house with 8 rooms, an attic and spy holes. Kidsonroof makes eco-friendly quality products, from cardboard and other natural components.

4. The Original Rubber Duck – Made from all natural latex rubber and is the perfect playtime toy for young children and adults alike!

5. Baby Car by Plan Toys – The driver figure is fastened to the car with a string. When the baby has grown a little, you can cut the string and insert the figure in the space provided so that the child can play on its own. Organic rubber wood, E-zero glue, water based dye, recyclable material and soy ink are used to make these toys.

6. Backyard Buddy Blocks – The all-natural rubber wood blocks store in a wooden tray and provide hours of endless play possibilities as toddlers use them to stack and build as well as solve the puzzles.

7. TuTu Pullalong Turtle – Tutu by Maya Organic is a fair trade wooden toy, made from sustainable wood and colored with natural vegetable dyes. Tutu turtle is a great toy for children from through their crawling and walking stages.

8. Wooden Kazoo – Kids love kazoos! They are one of the easiest musical instruments to play–just hum into the large hole. Made in U.S.A. Made from solid contrasting hardwoods and finished with vegetable oil.

9. Organic Egyptian Cotton Snowman DollAll the cotton is 100% ORGANIC, 100% Egyptian. The fact that we use cotton grown in Egypt makes it even more extraordinary because of the extremely soft, gentle and durable features Egyptian cotton is known for.

10. Panda Circle Train Set – Made with sustainable bamboo. Environmentally friendly and naturally made wooden toys to help your child learn through play.

10 Green Christmas Decorations

The Holidays can be such a wonderfully fun time but can be a huge headache when you get the credit card bills after the holidays have come and gone. Why not spend less time and money on decorations and spend more time with the ones you love. Here are some suggestions and ideas of things you can do to make your house glow with Christmas spirit.

1. Go Outdoors – Pine cones, pine branches, and holly are all great for decorating the house and the bonus of using the great outdoors to decorate your house is the wonderful smell that comes along with it.

2. Use What You Have – Make use of what you already have. If you need a eye catching center piece try adding Christmas bulbs to a vase or decorated the table with lots of candles in all shapes and sizes.

3. Use LEDS – Only use LEDs when lighting Christmas trees or house. Its best not to use too many lights though.

4. Live Trees – Always use a live tree, a fake tree is petroleum based and is not biodegradable.

5. Decorate With Edibles – Use fruit or nuts in bowls for decorations.

6. Use Your Favorite Fabric – Cover the base of the tree with your favorite fabric.

7. Sew or Wrap Pillows – Sew or wrap pillows with Christmas material to brighten up your couch.

8. Hang Homemade – Hang homemade Christmas decorations on the tree. Recycle those old cereal boxes into these little gingerbread houses.

9. Buy used – Check out the thrift stores for Christmas decorations.

10. Use Cloth – Avoid using throw away tableware, use cloth napkins and table clothes and fancy china for a nice dinner.

For more recycled Christmas crafts and decorations, check out LoveToKnows site.

Green Your Thanksgiving Day

You have heard it before if you have read any of Green Glancy before, but I am here to remind you, in case you have forgotten. Here are some tips for greening your Thanksgiving Meal.

1. Use Seasonal & Buy Local – Find humanely raised turkeys using the Eat Well Guide. Check out your local farmers markets for the best selection of seasonal roots and veggies.

2. Naturally Decorated – Look around outside or at your local farmers market for some great Natural Decorations. Useing pine cones, dried leaves, nuts and branches all can add beauty to your table. Display corn or pumpkins for the centerpiece. Country Living has some great photos of ways to decorate your table.

3. Drink Naturally – When choosing drinks, think natural and organic. Use water from the faucet, and buy only organic juices and wine, seeing that apples and grapes are among the most heavily sprayed crops. Check out a local winery if you are concerned about the price.

4. Stay Away From Throw Aways – When setting the table, remember that your everyday wear or china makes the table look more beautiful and reusing and re-purposing items instead of buying new means less stuff destined for the landfill.

5. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – Choose a central location, take public transportation, take the train or bus or fly an airline with environmental policies in place.

6. Compost – Reduce the amount of waste they ship to the landfill by composting food scraps. And you don’t need a garden to make use of all the rich, organic fertilizer that results—compost can be used on houseplants, landscaping plants, lawns, and more.

7. Be Thankful!

We can all think of ways to be greener on Thanksgiving and everyday of the year. Please share your tips of how you Green Your Thanksgiving.

Weighing In On ‘Whale Wars’

I saw a trailer for the new Animal Planet show ‘Whale Wars’ at the movie theater the other day with my wife. We both watched in amazement as we saw the way that the ‘Sea Shepherd’, a ship and crew intent on keeping Japanese whalers from hunting down whales in the Antarctic. The tactics and hatred of the crew of the Sea Shepherd was staggering. Their passion for whales and protecting the environment is admirable, but the way that they are going about trying to stop the hunters is both violent and illegal. I found it interesting that Animal Planet is promoting their cause by creating a show out of it. While I understand that Animal Planet would probably say that they, ‘don’t support the illegal actions of the Sea Shepherd‘, or something political like that, by airing the show to get more viewers, better ratings, and more money, they are in a sense, supporting the acts of these people.

What kind of message do we send to kids and to people, who frequently watch Animal Planet, about caring for the environment? That its okay to take the law into your own hands? That’s it alright to throw smoke grenades and threaten other human beings without regard for international law and policy? Even the usage of the title, ‘Whale Wars’, is threatening. That Animal Planet is somehow condoning their actions and creating War Heroes about a group of people that are more concerned for the safety of a whale than for the respect of law and human life.

I appreciated the blog by my colleague on Consumerism yesterday on Green Glancy. We must be wary of putting so much emphasis on the environment that we forget that it is people that are in desperate need. Resulting to violence and terror to protect animals is too extreme of an action. Making a show about, making money off of, and effecting children and students on an ‘educational’ channel, is disappointing and frustrating.

Animal Planet should pull the show or develop healthy dialogue about the ‘real’ issues of whaling and how to effectively and respectfully deal with the issues.

What do you think? Leave a comment below.

Green Works Not Tested On Animals!

Clorox has come out with a new product called ‘Green Works’. Natural Cleaners that “contains over 99% natural ingredients that are biodegradable”. This new product is another step that major corporations and businesses are taking to ride the ‘going green’ wave in America. The cleaners can be scented or non-scented and seem to clean just as well as other Clorox cleaners.

Another important aspect of the ‘Green Works’ cleaner is that it has NOT been tested on animals. At Clorox online, they mention TWICE on the SAME PAGE, that their product has NOT been tested on animals. While I love animals and appreciated the notification, I found it interesting that they have made such a point of that. I’ve never tried to clean my pets with Clorox cleaners…have you?

With the amount of dish cleaning each of us will do over our lifetimes, having a cleaner that is environmentally friendly could be a great and simple step that you could take to better care for and treat our environment. Clorox is, “proud to offer a natural line of cleaners that clean without harsh chemical residue. They’re made with plant-based materials that clean with the power you’d expect from Clorox”.

So think about trying out Green Worksfrom Clorox, a healthy and environmentally safe way to clean your dishes and…protect your animals.

Petroleum Free Soy Candles

Fall and Winter, with the long cold nights, have always been a time to burn candles. The glow of the candle, leaves a warm feeling inside, along with the aroma of something spicy, simply makes me feel better. And turning off those electric lights and burning candles will also save energy, which is always a good thing when you’re trying to be more green!

I know that there have been companies making petroleum free soy candles for a while now, but I guess I just recently started looking for them and haven’t had much luck. You can find a number of online stores selling these candles but its at the Brick and Mortar stores that I have been searching for them.

Why should you choose PETROLEUM FREE SOY CANDLES: Paraffin candles emit 11 known toxins when they are burned. Since you usually burn them in your house you are in a confined area with these toxins. The black smoke that is emitted from these candles adheres to your walls, furniture, air filters and to everything else in your house.

Soy Candles are Eco-friendly as they do not emit black smoke and are made from natural soybeans. Not only are soy candles safer for you and the environment they have other benefits as well. For example soy candles burn at a much lower temperature than paraffin candles. You can actually put you finger into soy wax that has been heated by your candle and it just feels warm to the touch.

Here are some of my favorite sites that sell Petroleum Free Soy Candles –

Malie Kauai – They have amazing scents, that make you feel like you are in the tropics, but the price is a bit much for an 11oz candle.

Scented Naturally Candles – They offer a huge array of scents and the prices are comparable to paraffin candles.

Wayout Wax – The scents sound amazing and the prices are fair in comparison to paraffin.

I know there are many more companies out there but these are the ones that I am trying out. Please share your experiences of buying petroleum free soy candles. What did you like? Anything you didn’t like? Affordable price?

Green Your Dinner Party

Countdown to Christmas – 42 Days!

Everyone loves a party and at this time of year there are many to be had, enjoyed and invited to. So while you are planning your next party, why not think about how you can make your next dinner party green.

Over at Planet Green they have all the info you would ever need on Green Dinner Parties.

The Top Green Dinner Party Tips:

Plan and Invite Wisely – Knowing the number of people coming to your party is the first big step in cutting back on waste. Send on an Evite, online to save the waste paper invitations create.

Encourage Your Guests to Travel Green – For those who do travel green, you can offer fun little rewards or green favors.

Decorate With an Eco-Conscious – Instead of buying one time use decorations, look outside in your yard for nature inspired decorations. Petroleum free soy candles can help you create a mellow mood.

Buy Seasonal and Local Produce – Local produce is good for the Earth: the shorter distance it travels to get to your plate keeps carbon out of the air. To find out what’s in season for your party you can check out a seasonal produce calendar.

Sip Green Drinks – When you’re planning what drinks to serve at your dinner party, try avoid buying those that come in cans and bottles. Options: Make your own sangria, pick up beer from a local brewery, try some green wines, or
brew up some shade grown coffee.

Think about Reducing the Amount of Meat on Your Menu or Go Veg Altogether – Meat production contributes significantly to climate change. Check out the Eat Well Guide for information on sustainable meat in your area. Why not take your party a step further and make your menu entirely vegetarian.

Choose Sustainable Seafood – In buying sustainable seafood, you will avoid contributing to the overfishing devastating global seafood populations.

Use the Right Tableware – Use dishwasher safe china and glasses you already have around the house. If you are stuck on using paper products for your party, look for unbleached or biodegradable products.

Send Your Guest Home with Leftovers – Instead of letting them sit in your fridge, potentially serving them up for the next few meals, why not send some home with your friends.

Clean Up Green – Set up bins at your party that clearly mark where guests can recycle, compost and send trash to the landfill. When it comes to scrubbing your countertops post-party, opt to do it with green cleaning products.

For the complete article click here!