Save With These Green, Eco-friendly Merchant Coupons

Have you been looking on line trying to find the green products you need for your house? Have you noticed that all the Eco-friendly items seem to cost a bit more than the non-eco-friendly products? Have you wished you could save some money while helping save the planet?

Well here is your chance to save. I have checked around and here are some helpful sites to help keep some of your money in your pocketbook.

Pristine Planet has a number of % off coupons to use with your on-line purchases. Many merchants listed offer discounts as high as 20%.

Happy Hippie has another list of coupon codes for Eco-friendly items such as, Bath and Beauty, Clothing, Jewelry, Garden, and Home Decor.

Green Your Decor has a list of Eco-friendly coupons for all your decor needs. Some coupons are even as high 30% off.

For a super long list of Organic Food Coupons check out the site Affluent Pauper.

Green Couon Codes is the ultimate blog for those who want to look and live green on budget. You’ll find a wide variety of items in categories that include¬†health and beauty, organic garden, personal finance, batteries, and light bulbs.