Can You Turn Cardboard Boxes into a Solar Powered Oven?


If you are inventor Jon Bohmer you can. For just $5 he, along with his daughters, came up with a simple solution to one of the world’s biggest problems, a solar-powered oven.

The ingeniously simple design uses two cardboard boxes, one inside the other, and an acrylic cover that lets in the sun’s rays and traps them.

Black paint on the inner box, and silver foil on the outer one, help concentrate the heat. The trapped rays make the inside hot enough to cook casseroles, bake bread and boil water.

Bohmer’s invention won the FT Climate Change Challenge, a $75,000 competition to tackle climate change. Sponsored by Hewlett Packard, the technology company, the competition was organised by Forum for the Future, a sustainable development charity, and the Financial Times. Sir Richard Branson and Dr Rajendra Pachauri, a Nobel prize winner, were among the judges, who chose the winner in conjunction with a public vote.

What the box does is eliminate the need for nationals in developing countries to cut down trees for firewood along with allowing users to boil water, potentially saving millions of children from dieing from drinking unclean water.

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