Can Old Car Batteries be Recycled?

Batteries are made mostly of toxic lead and acid but can easily be recycled. Most states require retailers to take old batteries when you buy a new one. Some retailers will install a new battery for free and recycle the old one. If you install it yourself, you might have to pay a small fee for the new battery, normally refundable when you bring in the old one.

Below are ideas of places that accept old car batteries, also check with your local recycling center to find the nearest battery drop site.

AAA Great Battery Roundup – Usually held in correspondence with Earth Day, AAA offices around the U.S. setup collection sites for dead car batteries and perform free automobile battery checks. The batteries are taken to be recycled into new batteries; some of the revenue AAA earns from recycling these batteries is given to environmental groups.

Bring your used oil, oil filters, antifreeze, and batteries to our CHECKER, SCHUCK’S, KRAGEN or MURRAY’S stores. All of their recycling programs are conducted with concern for the health and safety of communities, and strict adherence to state and federal laws.

Check out eHow for a step by step guide to How to Recycle a Car Battery.

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