Can Birth Control Fight Climate Change?

In a recent article from the Washington Post, by David Fahrenthold, When it Comes to Pollution, Less (kids) May be More, he shares how every new life born is a guarantee of new greenhouse gases spewed out over many decades of driving and electricity use.

The article makes sense, if you think about it everything we do in this world effects something else. Each child you have, will essentially have children of their own and so on and so forth.

Recycle, shorten your commute, drive a hybrid vehicle, and buy energy-efficient light bulbs, appliances and windows — all of that would cut out about one-fortieth of the emissions caused by bringing two children, and their children’s children, into the world.

The researchers behind both studies are emphatic that they do not want people to be forced not to have children. But Martin, whose group sponsored the British study, said governments could help stop unwanted pregnancies by offering contraception and, in rare cases, abortion.

As stated above they aren’t saying that they don’t want people to feel they can’t have children but they want people to see what effects having a child has on the earth. So definitely if you aren’t planning on getting pregnant or wanting you significant other to get pregnant take responsibility and prevent it with birth control.

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