Camping the Green Way

Camping can take a toll on the environment. Its important to think of the impact we make on the environment in everything we do but with camping most people don’t accurately consider what they are doing before they go.

Tent Placement – Pitch your tent in designated areas only. Make sure and check with the Park you are staying for their rules on tent placement.

Natural Insect Repellents – Does the thought of slathering on smelly toxic insect repellent bother you? Well no need to worry, you have options. MSN did a report on 7 Natural Insect Repellents.

Camp Fires – Camping and campfires go hand in hand, but before you gather the wood and light that fire, check out the article from Care2 on 10 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Campfire.

Cleaning – It’s best to forgo all dish washing products in the wild. But if you must use one, seek out phosphate-free, biodegradable brands that don’t pollute waterways.

Waste Disposal – Always have a few garbage bags with you to dispose of your garbage. Be prepared to carry it out if backpacking and even if you aren’t far from where you parked, you should think about taking your waste home, so that others can enjoy the smell of nature and not your garbage rotting. For human waste dig a hole 8″ deep and pack out all toilet paper.

Off Road – Always stay on trails or designated dirt roads. Don’t make any short cuts or create new tracks.

Lets work together to keep Nature beautiful.

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