Calculate Your Family’s Carbon Footprint

As I was Looking through the Nature Conservancy website, I found a Carbon Calculator and decided to give it a try and see how much of a carbon impact my household has. Many organizations have created web-based “carbon counters” to help you better understand your carbon footprint and what can be done to counteract it.

It asks questions about your power usage; driving, flying, diet, recycling practices, and then gives you your results. It’s a fairly straightforward, easy, yet accurate calculator.

My family’s results were:
Estimated Emissions – 30

Transportation – 7.5%
Food – 37%
Recycling – 7%
Home – 38%

The Average Family:
United States Average – 110
World Average – 22

The US Average for a 4 Family Household Breakdown:
Transportation – 44% Miles flown in airplanes, Miles driven, and type or car driven.
Food – 15% Meat consumption, Organic/Local sources
Recycling – 5% Recycling and Composting food and yard trimmings.
Home – 36% Heating and Air Conditioning use, Hot Water use, Lighting and Appliance efficiency.

After you get your results they have an option to look at how to offset your carbon footprint with pretty good ideas of how to make a difference.

If you’re interested in learning even more about your carbon footprint, try the Climate Trust’s counter. It is very user-friendly, but the downside is, it doesn’t take into account diet or recycling. Another one is the oil company BP’s Calculator.

How does your family compare?

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