Buying Organic on a Budget

162212_5903Most people if asked would eat organic, knowing that its better for them, the environment and the local farmers. But most people can’t afford it. More and more organic produce and items are showing up in grocery stores but its still on the expensive side.

Here are a few ways you can eat organic and save money:

1. Go straight to the source – Buy directly from the farmers/farmers markets for any fresh produce, this will save you from the mark up prices at the grocery store.

2. Try the organic store brand – Many stores sell organic food with their own private labels. Whole Foods and Trader Joes are among the many now.

3. Stay away from packaged food when you can – Foods in their natural form are cheaper to buy and better for you.

4. Grow your own organic fruits and veggies at home – Its not as tough as it may sound, and growing your own is a great learning experience for the whole family.

5. Join a co-op – A cooperative is a member-owned business that provides groceries and other products at a discount. Many of the items from the co-ops are organic and much of the produce comes from local family farms.

6. Clip coupons – Look for any organic food coupons you can find. Most of these will be in the stores themselves or online. Go straight to the manufacturers site online to find what they offer.

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