Biodegradable Basics

cocoa-bowlsGo green in some unlikely places with these earth-friendly housewares.

TablewareGrenware ecology & design: Dinner plates and bowls made renewable plant fiber from bamboo and rice hulls. In proper conditions it will biodegrade in as little as 4 months.

LinensLoolo Textiles: Every pillow or blanket we make uses our own hand and machine knit biodegradable textiles available in a full range of colors. Yes, you can throw them in your composter at the end of their useful life and they will biodegrade within 1 year.

Trash CansUmbra: The colorful Artala cans are made of Virgin polypropylene a plastic that is engineered to break down 10 times faster than that of standard plastic cans.

PensGrassroots: Biodegradable corn pen made from Mater-Bi, a revolutionary new material derived from cornstarch. This means that unlike conventional plastics that never breakdown, this green pen will disintegrate in about 12 months after being discarded.

PlantersCoir: This unique product, which is exclusive to ecosource Home & Garden, is made from coconut fiber and natural rubber. Biodegrades easily.

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