Be Green: Take Advantage of Local Farmers Markets

Most Farmers Markets or Saturday Markets are running through October, some until Christmas time, making their delicious, organic, food and local arts available for another month or so. Get out there and take advantage of the wonderful bounty that awaits you.

Some may ask how going to a Local Farmers or Saturday Market is green. Well I am here to let you know just how green it can be.

Buying Locally – Buying locally is a great way to cut down on greenhouse emissions and pollution because so many of our fruits and veggies, even some organic, are trucked in from 1,000s of miles.

Being Outside – The Farmers Markets are all located outside, saving energy and getting you out of your house to enjoy the outdoors and the wonderful smells of the fresh flowers and food. And by getting you out of your house, your using less energy too.

Buy Organic – Buying organic supports small scale farmers that don’t use earth destroying chemicals on their fruits and vegetables, which in turn is good for the environment.

Ride Your Bike – Riding a bike is very green by cutting down on pollution and greenhouse emissions. Make sure your bike has a basket, to carry all your goodies home from the market. Remember: Safety first, always wear your helmet, I know it smashes the hair but it could save your head from permanent damage.

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