Be Good to Your Hair and Use Non-toxic, All Natural Hair Dyes

Have you had problems with split ends, dry hair, and scalp breakouts from coloring your hair? Have ever you wondered if there is anything out there that you can use to color the gray or give your hair a nice lift without all those bad side effects and awful chemicals? Well I am here to tell you there is. After my last visit to the hair salon, and not having the option of using anything natural, I opted out of my regular hair coloring and decided I would find out all I could about all natural and toxic-free hair dyes.

Ecocolors, the leader in the finest non-toxic hair care products and home of the best non-toxic permanent hair color. They offer a professional hair color line for stylists and home hair color kits. Ecocolors is safe to use on pregnant women, cancer survivors and those individuals that are chemically sensitive.

Shades Natural Color, a salon featuring Susan Henry’s permanent color process that is naturally based, non-toxic, and most importantly, 100% ammonia-free.

Herbatint, a hair color specially formulated using herb extracts and plant proteins without ammonia. They offer Semi-Permanent and Permanent colors for use at home or in salons.

Naturcolor is a salon in Napa California that offers ammonia and paraben-free natural hair colors. Naturcolor does contain a small amount of PPD though.

Morrocco Method Henna, the only 100% natural way to color your hair and condition it at the same time. Henna works its magic without damaging, without drying and without chemically altering the structure of the hair. Specially recommended for those with chemical sensitivities.

Color Me Natural by Aubrey Organics offers 100% natural, permanent hair color, containing no PPD, no coal tar dyes and no synthetic chemicals. The only draw back is that they only offer two colors to choose from.

I am sure there are more options out there, so please share them with me.

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