August Recycled Used Clothing Challenge Week 2

So far, so good. I have made it without buying anything new for a week. I went to the Goodwill Outlet(by the pound) and managed to find 56 lbs of goodies. Costing only $38.00. I made an apron from some of the material I found and I made this really cute purse from an old 60’s style blanket and curtain. Its a little girls purse with some tulle(the tulle I found at the goodwill) around the edge. I love it, almost want one for myself.

Being from one of the Greenest Cities in the states I see so many ways in which to reuse and recycle old clothes because its happening all around me. Stores all over are selling 100% recycled clothes and visiting them is bound to get some ideas flowing. So if you have trouble thinking of ways to add to what you have or revamping it, check out some stores near you or online to see what people are doing. There is also a new magazine called Altered Couture, I didn’t buy it, I only got to look at it, but it had great ideas

Where to buy used:

St Vincent de Paul – They have great prices on their clothes and household goods.

Ebay – They have some great finds, but you have to pay the price so this isn’t the cheapest way to go.

Resale Shop – Most cities have their own resale shop, where you can buy and sell clothes.

Goodwill – They have a huge selection of clothes but they are the more expensive used clothing store.

Salvation Army – They also have great prices on all that they offer.

Check out The Thrift Shopper for stores in your area.

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