August Recycled, Used Clothing Challenge

Its August stores are hopping with back to school shoppers, and every store has a major sale. Its so hard not to buy New when they have such great bargains. The challenge I have taken on this month is not shopping for New clothes throughout all of August. If I make it through August, I am hoping to try to extend it through September. There are only two exceptions to this rule – I can buy Undergarments and Socks new. I have two kids who will be starting school in September, one in high school and one in grade school. I have talked to them and they are behind this endeavor to buy used or restyle the clothes they already have.

I am excited about this challenge. I know we are only a family of 4 but every bit helps when it comes to the environment. Recycling has become a big part of my everyday life and I think that buying used clothing doesn’t cut down on your fashion, it actually adds to it. How wonderful it is to be able to go out and know that you wont be wearing the same thing as the lady in the booth next to you.

I have already made some amazing items from material and clothes I have found at the Goodwill Outlet or Goodwill by the pound(AKA “crap by the pound”). For those that don’t know what the Goodwill by the pound is, it is where they have bins of clothes and you have to search(dig) through the clothes and when you pay, you pay by the amount of pounds you have. The more pounds you buy the better the price. Its an enlightening experience of digging and finding wonderful items. Some items are ready to wear and some need some updating but its such a gloriously fun time, it gets my blood pumping just thinking about it. For some of you weak-stomached people, make sure and bring some gloves for digging and hand sanitizer for after all the digging is done, this is not the cleanest place to shop. They usually have a bathroom right by the exit and I usually head in there to wash my hands and arms before leaving. The next process is going home and washing everything. This is a big task but its so fun to get all your goodies out of the dryer and start trying on what you bought.

Check back for more on my Green, Recycled, Used Clothing Challenge! I will give you updates as to how much was spent on my used clothing. I will also be posting photos of items I have updated or revamped. Keep Checking back!

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