Are Melamine Dishes Safe to Use?

med_melamine_dishes_colLast night I was talking with my friend Kari from Twin Mama Loves, and she was asking me about Melamine and if I knew if it was safe to eat off of or not. And sadly I didn’t and I figured this is important stuff, I should know this. She has some melamine dishes and wasnt sure if she should use them being concerned about what toxins could be in them. I started looking around and here is some of what I found.

From Sarah’s Cucina Bella post back in May of 2007, she writes;

But after weeks of coverage of the tainted pet food that has killed countless pets from kidney failure, it’s come to light that the chemical pesticide that harmed the animals was melamine – the same chemical that is in the melamine resin that my son’s plates are made of. It’s bad enough that the harmful chemical has made it’s way into our food supply.

What I am understanding is that if ingested, melamine is not safe, but to simply eat off the plates isn’t bad unless they are heated to significant discoloration. The “scare” with melamine is based on the use of melamine powder as a protein source in food additives. It makes stuff “look” as if it has more food value to chemical tests for content, and, because product was analyzed in this way, it sneaked into the food chain – pet food in particular. Hence the problem with animals getting sick and dying.

So I am not sure I am on board with the using of Melamine dishes, I think they are very collectable and so people are afraid to maybe say that they aren’t good to be eating off of, especially if you don’t know the people that used them, not knowing if they used the microwave a lot.

2 thoughts on “Are Melamine Dishes Safe to Use?”

  1. I was so excited when I found your post today! Thanks for looking into it. Maybe I will reserve their cute dishes for “play” purposes in their little kitchen.

  2. We import and distribute melamine in Australia.If 100% melamine powder is used and there is no urea in the mix then the boiling point of the product should be over 100C. That makes it food safe.
    unscrupulous operators include urea to make the product cheaper. Depending on how much urea is used the boiling point can be significantly reduced rendering it not safe for food,quite brittle and subject to discolouration.
    Always check to see if the product has printed on it-100% melamine.
    quality melamine is great because it can (and ours does)look like porcelain, is more durable, lightweight and safe. for more info check our website-

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