All Natural Pet Products

Our pets are part of the family too. So why is it that we don’t put much thought into what they are ingesting and the toxins they are being exposed to every day? Check out these products and lets Green-up our four-legged friends.


Swheat Scoop ($10 for 14 lbs) is biodegradable and made from nonfood-grade wheat; it is also flushable, and unused litter can be composted in your backyard. Swheat Scoop also makes biodegradable litter boxes, perfect for travel.

One Earth Cat Litter $10 for 7 lbs) is biodegradable

Newmans Own Organic Pet Food ($1.50 for 3 oz can) is 95% organic, grain-free canned beef and liver products. No artificial colors, flavorings or preservatives.

If you want information on how to make your own organic cat food, check out this article by

BioBag Cat Pan Liners ($8 for 10 bags) are made from corn and a good choice if you to discard the litter in the trash.


Spot Organics Bug Off Dog Flea Spray ($13 for 4 oz) all natural spray is formulated with organic ingredients; leaving behind no potentially toxic chemicals. Perfect for sensitive or allergic pups.

BioBag Dog Waste Bags ($7 for 50 bags) are 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable.

Karma Organic Food for Dogs ($40 for 15 lbs) is an all natural, 95% organic food based on ground free-range organic chicken and organic grains.


Planet Natural has some great Organic Lawn Care, Fertilizers, Pest Control and almost anything you can think of for your garden needs and to keep your pets free from ingesting dangerous toxins.

Check out ingredients before you buy anything that may come in contact with your pets.

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