Abu Dabi Doing It Right-World Future Energy Summit

What’s the benefit of being one of the richest countries in the world? The chance to innovate and create leading green concepts for the world to watch and stare at. Recently unveiled at the “World Future Energy Summit” was this PRT car, a system of compact, driverless ‘podcars’ that could be the new system of transportation in the future.

The richest city on the planet is developing a new city, Masdar city, where, “the streets will be entirely free of automobiles, a network of these compact electric taxis will provide clean and quiet transportation to the city’s residents, as well as commuters.” The first cars are set to be running later this year and provide quick and easy transportation. More effective than those rides at Disneyland, “The PRT vehicles will travel at speeds of approximately 7 meters per second, with the longest routes in the city being perhaps 2.5 km. So let’s say you reach a station, wait maybe 1.5 minutes for your car to arrive, travel for 5 minutes if your destination is relatively far away, and then exit the station, which will take around a minute. So the longest trips in the city will be around 7, perhaps 10 minutes long.

PRT cars will move along rights of way, approximately 6 meters under street level. [Masdar City’s streets will be raised off the ground, but buildings will be built at ground level, with the first couple of stories serving as basements and space for technical equipment.]”

A light rail system will also snake its way through this ‘new’ city. While the richest city in the world probably could put its money towards some great humanitarian causes, these innovations could be equally important in environment care and green techonology of the future.

The World Future Energy Summit is a move Abu Dhabi is making to be a leader in renewable energy technologies, regardless of how much oil is still to be found. The summit had over 15,000 delegates and more than 30 governments and 300 companies present, all seeking to find technologies that work towards renewable energy.

You can find out more about the Summit and about the PRT by clicking on the links.

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