A Business Guide To Going Green

Due to my outgoing and type A personality, I love visiting office and supply stores where I can organize and categorize my home and work materials better and more effectively. But due to my new found love and passion for taking better care of our planet, I have been hesitant to embark on yet another trip to the supply store. I was encouraged and hopeful when I found information about what Office Depot is doing to play their part in going green.

Office Depot has launched a new initiative and promise in their stores throughout the country. A Guide To Buying Green covers each of their categories of products and how Office Depot is taking steps to ensure that there products are environmentally safe. They offer information about their paper and envelopes, providing resources and information about how they are recycled and evaluated. They are promoting Energy Efficient Electronic Signage which, “uses Light Emitting Diodes instead of Neon. LEDs are environmentally preferable since they are extremely efficient, use significantly less energy and help reduce greenhouse gases in comparison to neon.” They even have recycled and post-consumer recycled school supplies and solar-powered calculators.

Hats off to this major business and supply company for taking steps and initiatives to making their products environmentally safe.

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