9 Pesky Insect Solutions Without Toxic Chemicals

Are you looking for ways to eliminate those pesky insects that are hanging out in your gardens, flower beds and in your kitchen this season, but hoping to do it without using heavy doses of potentially toxic chemicals?

Here is a list of solutions you can try:

1. Kill ants with soapy water or citrus oil and water.

2. Destroy ant nests with sugar and boric acid baits. Check out this article on Boric Acid the All Natural Insecticide.

3. Kill moths and their larvae with extreme heat or cold. Use a dryer or place garments in a freezer for several days.

4. Crush cockroaches by placing boric acid baits near food-prep areas and along walls. Maintain a clean kitchen. Try sticky traps with pheromones(chemicals that attract the bugs). For more information on pheromones, check out this article at BeyondDiscovery.org.

5. To control insects that are eating your garden plants, you can enlist the help of ladybugs and lacewings, natural predators of aphids. Both ladybugs and lacewings are sold for this purpose.

6. For slugs who love to chomp in your garden provide a barrier they will not cross, such as sawdust, wood chips, or ashes around your garden. Slugs will be deterred by this simple barrier, or will become injured and die trying to cross it.

7. For earwigs, fill tuna cans full of beer or even water, all around your garden, this will attract them and they will crawl in and drown as they cannot get out.

8. For grasshoppers, fill a water bottle with molasses and water and spray the mixture on grasshoppers as you see them in your yard. The concoction is sweet and attractive to them, but clogs their nasal passages and causes them to suffocate.

9. Planting garlic or spraying your garden with a garlic spray (simply made from chopped garlic cloves and water mixed well) deters most insects.

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