8 Ways to Green Your Spring

1167432_79864563Since the weather has been so nice the last few days, everything spring is on my mind. Over at Earth 911 they have a post that is perfect for Spring, 8 Ways to Green Your Spring.

1. Lose Weight and Feel Great – Has your living space become inundated with items such as holiday gifts you’ll never use, magazines with recipes never cooked and chunky attire used to brave the elements? While clutter-clearing, make it easier to sort items by creating four piles: Keep, Donation, Recycle and Trash.

2. Spring Cleaning – Be ware of what you use while spring cleaning, some of those cleaners and polishers contain nasty chemicals. If you’re really feeling green,  make your own cleaning products  with vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, borax and water. Also, cut back on  paper towels and opt for a reusable cloth.

3. Deep Clean – One of the simplest things you can do to improve indoor air quality, while reducing energy bills, is replacing furnace filters on a monthly basis. Cleaning off coils on the back of your refrigerator to scatter heat away from the unit and sealing gaps with weather-stripping or caulk around windows and doors to prevent warm air from entering your home.

4. Dirty Laundry – If you have an Energy Star washer, you’re cutting energy costs by 33 percent and water usage by 50 percent. If you don’t own one of these machines, then you can reduce costs by washing clothes in the coolest water possible.

5. Car Care – If you do an at-home car wash, you may be doing more harm to the environment than you think. Water and contaminants from your vehicle flow freely down the driveway into the storm drain and into rivers, lakes and streams without first being treated. On the site they have 4 tips to help you with greening your car care.

6. Rainwater Preservation – It seems like such a waste to have excess water one month and a shortage another. Luckily, rainwater harvesting has gone mainstream, and it’s easy for homeowners to take advantage of recapturing “lost” water with a rain barrel.

7. Green Thumb – Weeds: Pull weeds by hand instead of using chemicals. Bugs: Spray them with water and if that doesn’t work, try an insecticide soap.

8. Enjoy – Now that you’ve greened your spring, enjoy the fruits or your labour and kick back and relax.

For the complete article and all the tips and tricks for helping you “Green your Spring” click here.

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