8 Green Things You Can Do For Your Boss On Boss’s Day

Today, October 16, is Boss’s Day. Did you forget? Its not too late to do something nice for your boss today. Here are some Green ways to celebrate Boss’s Day:

1. Send an e-card – E-cards are very green, no trees are hurt by sending an e-card.

2. Homemade Cookies – Bake some yummy cookies with your favorite organic produce.

3. Organic Delivery Services – Have an organic delivery service bring your boss a scrumptous lunch. Soup peddler

4. A Potted Plant – Bring your boss a potted plant, something they can plant or keep in the pot in their house.

5. Give Money – In honor of you boss, give money to an eco-friendly cause.

6. Green Dimes – Sign your boss up for Green Dimes and help the environment with stopping the junk mail.

7. An Apple A Day – Bring your boss an organic apple and set it on his desk.

8. Korres Aromatic Soy Candle – Give your boss a hand-made aromatic soy candle by Korres, to keep his office smelling fresh and reminding him of you wih every sniff.

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