6 Green Freezer Tips

Summer is the time of year when our freezers become full of all our gardens bounty. Here are six ways to help you stay green while packing your freezer.

1. When storing food in plastic bags make sure the bags are BPA-free. Don’t cut corners by purchasing cheap freezer bags, stick to the name brands.

2. Try switching to reusable glass containers in the freezer. Make sure the seals are tight, aim for 1/2 inch space between the rim of the container and the food. If the lids don’t seal tight enough use plastic wrap, foil or freezer paper to enhance the seal.

3. Store reusable containers on the lower shelves of the freezer. They are heavier and will break if dropped. Also remember that glass containers will take longer to thaw in the fridge.

4. Do not wash plastic in the dish washer. As in my post yesterday about “Whats Up With Reusable Plastic Water Bottles” and BPA, the toxins leach into the food when washed in a dishwasher.

5. Do not reuse old margarine or sour cream containers to store food in the freezer. They are not designed for that purpose and do not seal correctly causing freezer burn. Always buy containers specifically for freezer storage.

6. Refill clean plastic milk jugs with water (3/4 full) and place in freezer. A full freezer doesn’t use as much energy or work as hard to keep cold and if you have a power outage the jugs of frozen water will keep everything in the freezer cold longer.

For help with how to freeze fruit and veggies to stay as fresh tasting as possible check out this article – Freezing and Conserving Local Produce by Amy Topel.

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