5 Green Tips for Your Fireplace

This is the time of year to start using the fireplace. I love the smell, warmth and look of fires burning in the fireplace. Its so relaxing, even the crackling sounds of the fire is appealing. Here are some important green tips to remember when getting ready to burn a fire in your fireplace.

1. Burn Seasoned Wood – Split logs allowed six months to dry. Moisture in freshly cut wood reduces combustion and promotes smoke.

2. Burn Fire Logs – Read the labels, several logs tout lower emissions than wood. A Java Log contains used coffee ground and generated 87% less carbon monoxide and 83% less particulate matter than wood; ever-present Duraflame recently switched to non-petroleum wax, lowering its emissions.

3. Never Burn Garbage – Garbage, plastic or petroleum products along with painted or treated woods, will release chemicals when burned.

4. No Blazing Infernos – A small fire produces less smoke, and let it burn out completely.

5. Use a Screen, Not Glass Doors – Air circulates better, promoting a hotter, cleaner burn.

The best thing you can do for the environment is to make better fires, fewer times a year. In doing it right with the tips above you will have more fun when you do make a fire.

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