5 Foods That Travel the Furthest to Reach You

The local food movement has gained momentum in recent years, but it hasn’t gone without its challenges. Some argue that the environmental impact of transporting food from faraway locales is negligible compared to the harm done by producing foods such as meat and dairy goods.

Still, buying local means you’re reducing your food miles (the distance and energy it takes to ship the food to your plate). You’re also helping to support small family farms and your local economy.

1.) Blueberries – South America is the main source during the winter months.

2.) Grapes – Coming from Chile and South America from December to April and from Mexico during April and May.

3.) Peaches – From November through spring peaches come from all over the globe; including Argentina and Thailand.

4.) Asparagus – During colder months they come from Peru and in the spring from Mexico.

5.) Canned Fruits and Veggies – Canned mandarin oranges are from China, canned pinapple is often from Thailand and Costa Rica, and canned asparagus is likely from Peru.

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