Going Green In The Hospital

I was at OHSU, one of the largest hospitals in our area yesterday visiting my father and as we were walking through the halls on our way to the cafeteria I was impressed by the ways in which they had integrated being green into their daily routines.

They started a Farmers Market held every Tuesday, that sells locally grown fruits and veggies inside the hospitals courtyard, with an after hours pick up program for those who cant make it to the Farmers Market during operating hours. They started a Token program to use when buying products in case you don’t have cash or to give as gifts for patients or whoever you would like. They now have a Healthy Convenience Store located in the lobby that sells some of those same Farmers Market items along with wheat and gluten-free items, organic raw nutrition bars and fresh salads.

In the cafeteria they have started a more vigorous recycling program with mixed bins for glass, plastic, tin, and aluminum cans. They put a bucket on top of the garbage for dumping liquids in before recycling.

In 2007, OHSU’s Center for Health and Healing, earned the Leed platinum certification for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, the first medical and research facility to have achieved this distinction.The building is 61% more energy-efficient than required by law.

As for Water and Energy, OHSU has implemented several strategies to become a more efficient operation. Upgrading irrigation controllers, proper maintenance of piping systems, and they replaced lights with high efficiency lamps.

As I was leaving the hospital I saw this sign below and thought about this and what it means to be an organ donor. It is recycling and what a cool way to give back!

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