15 Green Cities

In an article from Grist.com, 15 Green Cities, it lists the top 15 greenest places on earth.

“These metropolises aren’t literally the greenest places on earth — they’re not necessarily dense with foliage, for one, and some still have a long way to go down the path to sustainability. But all of the cities on this list deserve recognition for making impressive strides toward eco-friendliness, helping their many millions of residents live better, greener lives.”

1.    Reykjavik, Iceland

2.    Portland, Oregon

3.    Curitiba, Brazil

4.    Malmo, Sweden

5.    Vancouver, Canada

6.    Copenhagen, Denmark

7.    London, England

8.    San Francisco, California

9.    Bahia de Caraquez, Equador

10.    Sydney, Australia

11.    Barcelona, Spain

12.    Bogota, Columbia

13.     Bangkok, Thaliand

14.     Kampala, Uganda

15.     Austin, Texas

Check out the complete article at Grist.com.

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