100% Recycled New Leaf Paper

NLP_newmini_cmykWhile shopping at Target last night I came across New Leaf brand paper that claimed to be 100% recycled. They had notebooks, copy paper, small subject books, and pretty much any paper product you could want.

New Leaf Paper company, a pioneer in paper merchandising, demonstrates to their customers and the paper industry, that using environmentally sound paper is an economical as well as responsible choice. They make acid-free paper with the highest percentages possible of recycled and sustainably harvested fibers, processed without the use of chlorine or chlorine derivatives.

New Leaf Paper environmental benefits of using post-consumer waste fiber vs. virgin fiber:

  • Trees Saved – 118 fully grown
  • Water Saved – 50,178 gallons
  • Energy Saved – 84 million Btu
  • Solid Waste Saved – 5,551 pounds
  • 1 yr of Electric Power required by the average US home Saved
  • Greenhouse Gases Saved – 10,963 pounds
  • 30 Pounds of Air Emissions Saved
  • 343 Pounds of Hazardous Effluent Saved

New Leaf Paper uses recycled paper made with post-consumer waste and bleached without the use of chlorine or chlorine compounds. Post-consumer waste are items that have reached their end use and then have been placed in a recycling bin and sent to a waste collection facility.

New Leaf offers more than 30 product lines of coated, uncoated, and board grade papers. New Leaf Paper can be found at various locations, including Target, Kinkos, and you can order directly from New Leaf.

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