10 Green Christmas Gift Ideas for Grade Schoolers

1. Spaceframe Builders Kit – Named one of the 25 “Best Products of the Year”. The Spaceframe modular system allows endless possibilities for expression. It is made of a unique polyester material that is completely safe for children, and 100% recyclable.

2. H-Racer Fuel Cell Car – A solar-powered “refinery” converts tap water to hydrogen. Fill your car’s tank as blue LEDs flash, and then watch as its advanced miniature fuel cell uses this element to send it zooming across the floor. There will be no emissions, just plenty of fascinating fun.

3. Solar Worm – Construct a motorised DIY project using power from a solar cell. Solar Worm is wood with battery backup for use when not in the sun.

4. Earthwise Kids Books – These award winning, easy to read, eco-friendly books provide entertaining stories with helpful suggestions on how to preserve this wonderful world we live in. Made with recycled paper and soy based inks.

5. “Green” Cookware and Dining Set – A fun way to make environmental awareness as interesting and as much a part of life as cooking. All 27 pieces are made from milk jugs recycled into one of the safest, sturdiest, most nontoxic materials around.

6. Planet Pixies – The Planet Pixies are Eco-friendly soft dolls—crafted from certified organic cotton and natural materials, with packaging made of 100 percent post-consumer recycled cardboard—that aim to guide kids towards eco-conscious decision making.

7. Discovery Paper Recycling Studio – Recycle your own paper at home – and teach your kids an easy way to go green!

8. Bamboo Collection Pisa Game – Try to build up 4 levels without toppling the tower. Child-safe, water based stains. Made of Eco-friendly bamboo that was preserved to keep its economical and ecological values to the world.

9. Earth-Opoly Monopoly Board Game – Entertain your family and friends while learning fun facts about nature and the environment with the Earth-Opoloy Monopoly Board Game!

10. City Deluxe Road System by Plan Toys – This Deluxe Road System includes 28 pieces of track with bridge, railway systems, plus two cars, two street lights and four trees. Crafted of recycled rubberwood.

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