10 Green Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens

1. Recycled Rubber Handbags & WalletsThese cutting-edge bags are actually made of recycled tires – real retreads, rescued form the tires of trucks and tractors from a landfill.

2. Elephant Poo Poo Paper Journal – This hardcover journal has 20 handmade sheets of paper each being usuable on both the front and rear. A portion of our profits is allocated to conservation and welfare programs for elephants!

3. Cardboard Speakers – These Lightweight, collapsible speakers are portable and can be folded away and placed in the included pouch when not in use. The speakers are streamlined, environmentally friendly, and beautiful in their simplicity. Made of cardboard and electronic components.

4. Recycled Vinyl Record Jewelry – Necklaces, Charms and Earrings all made from recycled vinyl records for girls and guys.

5. Small Global Warming Action Kit – This kit saves 5,000 lbs. of CO2 with four 100W-equivalent CF light bulbs, water bottle, low-flow showerhead and Solar Living Source Book.

6. Hemp Clothing – The largest selection of organic hemp clothing, accessories, gear, paper, food and body care products found anywhere in the world.

7. Vegetables Rock!: A Complete Guide for Teenage Vegetarians – Here is the perfect resource for any teen vegetarian. It has basic nutrition information, great tips, a helpful Q&A, and recipes for vegetarian meals even non-vegetarians will love! Vegetarianism can help the environment, raise your consciousness, and make a cow very happy. Another Vegetarian book for teens, written by a teen is Veggie Teens, A Cookbook and Guide for Vegetarian Teenagers.

8. Circle Tees: Revolutionary T-ShirtsMade with organic cotton and other Eco-friendly fibers whenever they can – they also use earth friendly inks and non-reactive dyes on many of our tees.

9. Love This Planet Set – With three styles of bags, stainless steel water bottles and lunch bags that encourage users to get- hip- get- green and love-this-planet. Reusables help alleviate the amount of disposables that are regularly discarded and not recycled.

10. EZ Crank Light/Cell Phone Charger – Keep this pocket flashlight — which doubles as a cell phone charger — in your car, boat, home or pack, and you’ll never get caught in the dark again. Perfect for those teens on the go!

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