10 Green Christmas Decorations

The Holidays can be such a wonderfully fun time but can be a huge headache when you get the credit card bills after the holidays have come and gone. Why not spend less time and money on decorations and spend more time with the ones you love. Here are some suggestions and ideas of things you can do to make your house glow with Christmas spirit.

1. Go Outdoors – Pine cones, pine branches, and holly are all great for decorating the house and the bonus of using the great outdoors to decorate your house is the wonderful smell that comes along with it.

2. Use What You Have – Make use of what you already have. If you need a eye catching center piece try adding Christmas bulbs to a vase or decorated the table with lots of candles in all shapes and sizes.

3. Use LEDS – Only use LEDs when lighting Christmas trees or house. Its best not to use too many lights though.

4. Live Trees – Always use a live tree, a fake tree is petroleum based and is not biodegradable.

5. Decorate With Edibles – Use fruit or nuts in bowls for decorations.

6. Use Your Favorite Fabric – Cover the base of the tree with your favorite fabric.

7. Sew or Wrap Pillows – Sew or wrap pillows with Christmas material to brighten up your couch.

8. Hang Homemade – Hang homemade Christmas decorations on the tree. Recycle those old cereal boxes into these little gingerbread houses.

9. Buy used – Check out the thrift stores for Christmas decorations.

10. Use Cloth – Avoid using throw away tableware, use cloth napkins and table clothes and fancy china for a nice dinner.

For more recycled Christmas crafts and decorations, check out LoveToKnows site.

One thought on “10 Green Christmas Decorations”

  1. Great suggestions, Deanna, on decorations instead of buying new. I can’t decorate with edibles as the dogs somehow manage to reach them when we are not home. (I’ve got to set up a video camera some time. My guess is Boedy jumps up on the table to pull things off for Ladybug, who excitedly cheers him on.) Anyway, instead of buying new, I use some left over Christmas ball ornaments, placing the flashy ones in a pretty bowl with a little bit of tinsel as a centerpiece. Looks very classy.

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